What is MegaRoof

MegaRoof is the Industrial Rooftop Solar Solution for 100% self consumption by primarily large industries such as ready-made garments and other manufacturing plants. Innovative solution coupled with appropriate financing is finally offering green energy at a price lower than the utility tariff with no or minimal upfront payment.


10% Down
Own your Plant
Net Savings BDT 2.5 Lac / Mo.

  • Pay 10% up front
  • Own your plant from day one
  • 10 year flexible monthly payment
  • Electric bill savings: BDT 6 lac


10% Down
Transfer after 12-15 Yrs
Net Saving BDT 1.5 / mo.

  • Pay 10% up front
  • Pay Per Use of Electricity
  • Net Saving 1.5 Lac per month
  • Electricity cost @ 5-10% lower than AC Grid


0% Down
Save 1.5 Lac / Mo.
20% cheaper than AC Grid

  • Pay 0% up front
  • Pay for electricity @ flat rate
  • 20 year PPA
  • Offer Valid for government entities

Talks about the impact on the advent of Net Metering and Solar Roof Top systems to Bangladesh.

In discussion with:

  • Mr. Mohammed Alauddin, Joint Secretary, Power Division, GOB
  • Mr. Didar Islam, Managing Director, SOLARIC
  • Mr. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury, Director Center For Energy Research, UIU